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En5: People & Places, English 5

En5: Words about beginning high-school



a fine line, 1  a small difference between doing something in the right or wrong way
academic records, 2  your grades
acclimate, 1  grow accustomed/grow used to
adolescent, 1  teenager
approval, 2  when people like something they approve
backfire, 2  when something meant to make things better just made things worse
behave, 2  act according to social rules
big fish, 1  important people in a specific situation
campus, 1  school/university grounds
crucial, 1  of great importance
cues, 2 a signal as for how to do something 
dizzying, 2  something that makes you dizzy, imbalanced
downright, 1  absolutely
ease, 1  somehing that is easy is done with ease
effort, 2  hard work
Encouraging, 2  to make someone feel better/more brave
enroll, 1  to enlist / to put your name on the list of people joining an education or the military
extra-curricular, 2  school-related work or activities outside of real school work, e.g. joining the school team in sports.
feel compelled, 2  feel forced to (without someone forcing you)
gossip, 2  rumors and talk about friends/celebrities
harrowing, 1  awful
hover, 2  levitate or linger (hang around even though you are not wanted)
imperative, 1  very important
incidental, 1  random
indicate, 1  pointing to 


innuendos, 2 things you want people to know but you don’t want to say it outright
issues, 2  problems
keep close tabs, 2  following closely to make sure that someone is doing what they should be doing
level-headed, 1  a person who has no problems and takes care of him-/herself is level-headed.
life skills class, 1  a school subject where you learn more about life
orientation, 1  to learn the basics about something
performance, 2  how well you are doing
praise, 2  positive feedback
predictor, 2  something you can look at which will reveal what is probably going to happen
prodding, 2  investigating
reputation, 1  how you are judged by other people
rife, 2  filled with
self-conscious, 1  awareness about oneself. Often to much focus on what you do or say and what people will think of you
Set boundaries, 2  set rules/limitations
shooting hoops, 2  inf. Playing basketball
slump, 1  downward-facing curve
stellar, 2  great (from “stella”=star)
strain, 2  put to much pressure on
struggling, 1  fighting
succeeding, 1  being able to do something
the lay of the land, 1  roughly how the overall situation is
transition, 1  change
ultimately, 2  in the end
undoubtedly, 1  without doubt
vicious, 2  evil

Please write two sentences each in the comment box (you can write as guests, but don’t forget to write your full name). Feel free to give each other feedback as nested comments!



3 thoughts on “En5: Words about beginning high-school

  1. Example:

    There is a fine line between genius and madness.

    Posted by larsbjorklund | September 6, 2011, 8:18 am
  2. Friends brings safety when they are around you, you are more confident when you are around your friends because you know that your friends will “protect” you whatever happens.

    Grades is important, but if you have alot of effort and do the best you can, you´ve learned that the only way to learn is to practice alot.

    Posted by Fabian | September 6, 2011, 6:57 pm

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